Meddle – Gifts & Frustrations

“I never asked for this”, she said, exasperated, as her final attempts to woo were rewarded with rejection. Her every caress, every desperate rub, every subtle touch was misunderstood; intentions misconstrued.

Memories flooded in, and she was swallowed in nostalgia, meddling with any progress she could’ve made. With every step she took forward, she was catapulted ten steps back. To days of familiarity; of tacit understanding and comfort that only connection and time bring.

She let out a heavy sigh and prepared to invest into her current relationship with her new phone, with borrowed optimism. “We can make this work”, she muttered under her breath as she looked for relationship advice under the “Tips” section of her new iPhone.

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2 thoughts on “Meddle – Gifts & Frustrations

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  1. It happens with some in the beginning. When it’s new, when it’s unknown, when one is trying to impress the other. In quest to make the best of the relation. In the quest to be accepted & loved. The fear of unknown, the fear of falling short. That’s when every caress, every desperate rub, every subtle touch is misunderstood; intentions misconstrued.

    And for connection, sometimes we don’t give the time. Sometimes I wish life had that ‘tips’ section.

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    1. Well, it does. Our agony aunts, grandmothers and grandfathers, parents, friends.. well, everyone who’s always more than happy to give you free relationship advice -they’re all the tips section (never limiting themselves just to one area of tips either ;))
      I’d say past relationships make up that section too!


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