The coffee that snores

As letters amble on and off my screen,

I struggle to force words together

Permitting them to drabble the crisp whites of my new diary;

Attempting to erase the writer’s block with deliberate scribbles.

Breathing in this new concoction of fragrances,

Soaking the alien sounds of a foreign tongue,

My ears are tickled by their raw, harsh rhythms.

Maybe the remedy to my block

Is the lullaby this city hums-

In its muffled giggles, and bellowing horns,

In screeching motorbike brakes, dampened by the incessant chatter of loves forlorn;

In meowing coffee machines, and groaning cats,

In monochromes of Monroe, transporting to eras of shutters and flash;

In rising smoke, and dying flames,

Unabashed stares, and averted gazes.

Here is the midnight humdrum of a 10 PM city,

From the fingertips of an outsider; walls of her penning inability

Blotted out brick by brick, snore after snore.


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