The Writers (does having a WordPress account give you the authority to call yourself a writer? Hmm…)



Benedikt Gers: Ben’s written work deteriorated abruptly in quality after he learned the alphabet. Far from being the sharpest tool in the shed, he picked up the bass guitar at age 15 to get girls (Ha!). After a laboratory accident involving a radioactive pencil sharpener, he noticed a newly-formed deep-seated hunger to write, ideally words. When he doesn’t travel the continent with his tricycle gang, or paints emojis on his belly with honey mustard, you can find him writing what is mostly R-Rated Mr Bean-Fanfiction, or whatever comes to his mind. By god, is he lonely.



Juhi Parmar: Juhi realised that feedback forms and Facebook sale posts were not the most ideal places to launch into poetry and storytelling.This is her space for breathing life into the people that live in her head. To dive into what it is to be human. To being colours and sizes and accents. To swim through the crammed grids we live in, and gallop across the miles that keep us apart. This is her canvas. For erasing and redrawing lines of mirth and salt water. With permanent, irascible ink.


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