A Toothless Clutch to a Hopeless Twirl

Frail, trembling hands grabbed the plastic chair, managing a jerky inch to the left, half a foot forward, then a rickety drag 37 degrees to the right. “Aha!”, he thought to himself, “Perfect”. Tonight he wanted to feel like a child again. Travel to the times of Radha and Krishna, listen with his back upright,... Continue Reading →


Breaking and Entering

There is a distance that I wish to mutilate Fold every inch of the footsteps between us Into an origami bonfire to celebrate Our victory over the war against a thousand kilometres. There is a distance that I wish to obliterate As I undress before the mirror, my hand wandering astray Imagining your breath gushing... Continue Reading →

Look Again

Do you look at yourself enough? Everyone else is looking at you all the time. If one day you saw yourself in the market, would you think you were looking at a stranger? For all those years of dressing up before the mirror, criticising your clothes for being too loose or tight or long or... Continue Reading →


Nest in Yourself Have you looked at yourself lately? Really spent time watching yourself? Do you know your scars and birthmarks like you do your lover’s? Have you noticed that extra crease starting to form in your bouquet of crows feet? Did you know your carotid peeks almost inconspicuously through your neck? And that the... Continue Reading →

Enamoured of Dark Luminescence

Suspended over the skyline, Afloat a bed of winking lights, Unwavering breathed a cradle, Exhaling tales and talismans, avarice and might. Trapped in this veil of reflection, The cradle crooned its lullaby. In blinks and honks and midnight stirs, City's humdrum soared to the sky. Pierced by a solitary star, Both worlds melt into the... Continue Reading →

The coffee that snores

As letters amble on and off my screen, I struggle to force words together Permitting them to drabble the crisp whites of my new diary; Attempting to erase the writer's block with deliberate scribbles. Breathing in this new concoction of fragrances, Soaking the alien sounds of a foreign tongue, My ears are tickled by their raw,... Continue Reading →

Stitching Street Smoke

Over evaporating minutes, And easy, tumbling words, A meeting was held. Smoke rose skywards, Ashes parted to reunite with the ground, White sticks of indulgence Marked a trail of minutes drowned. Floating in their bubble, Savouring moments of calm in chaos. Clasped between their fingers, They held the burning key to their universe. And the... Continue Reading →

Snoozing Sighs

Toss. Flip. Duck. Feel around for cover. Pull cover on face. Gasp. Pull cover off face. Squint. The sun was streaming through the window, glinting directly onto her face. Miserly with her eye opening in the mornings, she squinted angrily at the sun, wishing it away. It shone back, refusing to relent.

Asphalt crumbs

Standing in her bedroom, he looked up at the moon and stood still in its hostile glare. The jury reached a verdict, and judgement came down on him like torrential rainfall. In the freezing cold, lava began spreading through his veins, as a menacing defiance shot out of his eyes. Stripping the condom from his... Continue Reading →

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