The coffee that snores

As letters amble onto and off of my screen,I struggle to force words togetherPermitting them to drabble the crisp whites of my new diary;Attempting to erase the writer's block with deliberate scribbles.Breathing in this new concoction of fragrances,Soaking the alien sounds of a foreign tongue,My ears are tickled by their raw, harsh rhythms.Maybe the remedy to... Continue Reading →

Stitching Street Smoke

Over evaporating minutes, And easy, tumbling words, A meeting was held. Smoke rose skywards, Ashes parted to reunite with the ground, White sticks of indulgence Marked a trail of minutes drowned. Floating in their bubble, Savouring moments of calm in chaos. Clasped between their fingers, They held the burning key to their universe. And the... Continue Reading →

Asphalt crumbs

Standing in her bedroom, he looked up at the moon and stood still in its hostile glare. The jury reached a verdict, and judgement came down on him like torrential rainfall. In the freezing cold, lava began spreading through his veins, as a menacing defiance shot out of his eyes. Stripping the condom from his... Continue Reading →

Looping Minutes

I am the song you can't get out of your mind, The daily charade that you call 'the grind' I'm that memory you play in your head - -  finger glued to rewind. The same old solutions to new problems - -  that inextricably bind. The synchrony of dancers that whirl in a troupe, The... Continue Reading →

Meddle – Gifts & Frustrations

"I never asked for this", she said, exasperated, as her final attempts to woo were rewarded with rejection. Her every caress, every desperate rub, every subtle touch was misunderstood; intentions misconstrued. Memories flooded in, and she was swallowed in nostalgia, meddling with any progress she could've made. With every step she took forward, she was... Continue Reading →

On Dancing

She stared at the opaque screen they call mirrors - the foggy glass a reflection of her clouded mind. A trembling hand rose, squeaky strokes uncertainly caressing the cold surface. She stood there, watching, unblinking. She stared beyond her large brown eyes, beyond the tangled cascade of hair that lay limp on her shoulder, reaching... Continue Reading →


There was something about that afternoon that gave it a sense of an impending story. I don’t know whether it was the oppressive heat which promised the reward of a cool night, or the swiftly passing scenes that seemed to race by faster as if they were shy of their own imperfections, or the music... Continue Reading →

The Others

A pull, and a drag, and the kingdom was his. Once the flame curled up long enough to light his cigarette, the man with sombre eyes extinguished it. He stuffed the matchbox in his pocket and looked up. The light of the lantern lit up the boardwalk, with its closed shops and silver puddles. An... Continue Reading →

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